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Long weekend ahead!

Have already pushed myself to the limit and trying to fight off a flare which is trying to get hold of me so how I'm gonna get through this weekend I just don't know!

My 8 year old daughter is competing in the national majorettes competition and we set off after school to Skegness but I've got do much to do before then.

At 9am in driving to Doncaster which about 40 mins away from me to pick up some onesies then take them to the printers and wait for them to be printed. Then I have to go to town so my eldest daughter can exchange some clothes she bought. Next it's the supermarket to get the shopping in for the weekend.

Next job is to take my doggys things to my best friends house as she's looking after her whe I'm away then it's back home I go to clean the house, pack everyone's stuff, pick the younger 2 up from school, get them sorted, drop the dog off, take the cats things next door along with the spare keys. take everyone for tea then finally set off to Skegness!

Once there got to find our caravan, get the car unloaded and find everyone else and then for the next 3 days its early mornings, late nights and being in s very loud, chaotic arena with hundreds of over excited majorettes! Then pack up, drive home on Monday and unpack!

Oh dear.......( x

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Wow ... Ok looked at your list and its very daunting. But I think I can find you two short cuts.... One ... House does not have to cleaned... You won't be there to see it needs cleaning over the weekend and if it doesnt get done for a week or two we have all been there at some point and when you get back take it really easy and just do bits here and there till you get on top of it.... Next eldest daughter ... I can't remember how old she is but can she do packing .. With a little supervision or you just telling her what needs packing .... The rest I can't find a way round... But just by lightening the load a little even if it is the cleaning it will take some weight off your shoulders...

Don't forget to take all your meds with you and have fun if you can.....

You must be so proud of your daughter.....

Good luck

VG xxx


Just concentrate on the fun bits, Charlii, and being a proud mum - VG is right, the other stuff can wait, and I'm sure you can get your daughter to help you.

I have my family staying this weekend, and it will be chaos, but I'm looking forward to it. It is daunting, tho' when you don't feel on top of things.

Very best of luck!

Moffy x


Hi Charlii

I agree. You won't be there to see it - leave the housework!

Look forward to the fun bits - it must be a great feeling to see your daughter compete at that level!

And build in some recovery time for when you get back. Can your friend keep the dog for an extra day, perhaps?




And my little girl is being assessed for dyspraxia. She has a one to one at majorettes to help her do I am especially proud of her!

Doncaster done. Onesies bought. Supermarket shopping done. In town now waiting for eldest daughter to exchange some clothes. Printers next. Half house cleaned. After printers it's home to finish cleaning and get packing.

I can't leave the housework.....I'm too OCD and I couldn't leaven dog at my friends got an extra day, I'm dreading leaving her as it is!!!!


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