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did i read somewhere that a specialist with knowledge of our conditions were supposed to do our medicals and reports?

this is the 2nd time in a row that a registered nurse has filled in medical report forms without seeing me? and putting my time in the wrag from 12 months now to 18 months, this would be great if i got money off them but alas my money ran out last april, and ive been fighting to get in support since then, awaiting appeal date


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Not quite. What the DWP have said is that a WCA should not be conducted by a healthcare professional whose medical specialism was "diametrically opposed" to the presenting health problem of the claimant to be assessed:


how would we know what they are specialists in? as on my form it just says registered nurse?


I'm not actually sure. And the bigger issue seems to me to be how can ANY medical professional conduct a medical examination of someone without seeing them?

Have you got the Benefits & Work guides? If not email


i was seen by a nurse in november last yr and she deemed me fit for work after my gp signed me unfit foe work for 2 months, i also thought that the person doing the assessment had to have some knowlege of the problem. The nurse i saw just rolled her eyes when fibro was mentioned and she lied through her teeth about the assessment i think she was a vets nurse, the first thing she said to me was that i looked nervous but in her report she said i looked confident , i have a tribunal next month and i am so worried about it i have gone into a massive flare its all wrong but we have to keep fighting for our rights.


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