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ESA Form

Hello, This is my first time writing a post for help instead of me giving advice. So I hope someone can give me some advice? I lost my job recently I have a lot of health problems including Fibro, I had an ESA form sent to me and I'm finding difficult to fill it out! And wonder if anyone can tell me who I can get to help me with this form?? Thanks Aisha x

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Hi do you have a CAB in your town if so give them a ring they will help. Good luck x


Hi there I agree if you can go and see cab their advisors are sent for specific training for ESA 50. However if not I can maybe give you some advise having sucessfully got ESA support group and DLA higher rate and middle rate.

I went to CAB so I now know how the form works. Fill in the form as if it is your worse day ever. Admit to nothing. If you are in pain all the time you can walk 0 metres. If you use a walking aid you cannot pick up a box, pint of milk etc. If you have fibro fog you cannot plan and cook a meal or a journey etc. If you say you can maybe do it t they assume you can always do it. If you know where the test is to take place and its difficult for you to get to tell them what special things you require, I for example can't sit for more than a few minutes so I requested somewhere to lie down , and remember with a test you are under scrutiny from the moment you enter the office.

I have a copy of ATOS training manual and in the one paragraph it states that if the client admits to shopping then ASSUME they can walk 800 metres ie an immediate fail!!!!

Get your shopping delivered if you need help dressing etc state what you cannot do not what you can!! If at a test they ask you to raise your leg and you know you are going to have days of pain refuse and tell them you are unable to do it without pain.

Sorry if its all long and convoluted but I want to help as many of us as I can. If you have trouble with specific quetsions I have a copy of the ESA form and I can maybe help.

Anyway best of luck and gentle hugs



My local me/fibro support group have a benefits advisor who is employed to help people fill out their forms and to support them at appeals and tribunals. She cam eto see me last week and I have nothing but praise for her. I don't know whether this is unique to Dorset but maybe this is an avenue to explore ?

Best :)


Hello Aisha,

If you email we can send you the ESA guides from the Benefits & Work website for free that may be of help to you. Here is a link to a Benefits & Work website

All the best



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