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Stomach pain

Been bad with stomach pains and I have no appetite and Im really struggling with loo. I am an IBS sufferer but the small amounts of fruit and little food and loads of water arnt helping. Feels different than before, Im going through change and I am getting terrible period type pains even though I have no womb due to hysterectomy, I still have my ovaries, Im just wondering if this is normal? Im in a lot of pain with usual back and neck and wrists so feel extra terrible, and Im so tired even though I have been getting some good nights rest. Should I mention all this at PM clinic at end of month, I need help to try and lose about 2st I have put on since getting ill 5 years ago. Sue x

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I think you should visit your GP. I know all of us fibromites get IBS, but if you are having stomach pains, this should be investigated.

At our age, there is a raised incidence of bowel cancer, which is very curable if caught early on, so please don't take the risk by letting this go on unchecked and blaming it on IBS.

Once that's eliminated, you can get to grips with your other problems.

Take care

Moffy x


Hello Realsorelady,

I agree with Moffy, i would consider explaining all these symptoms to your GP. All new pain experience should be mentioned to the GP as all too often we put it down to our Fibro and it could be an entirely different condition that could be easily treated. Having it investigated will put your mind at rest as it may turn out to be nothing to worry about but at least you'll know.

Best Wishes



I agree too. I recently went to GP with upper abdominal pains and bloating. He got me in for an endoscopy and it turned out I have h pylori gut bug which can lead to ulcers. Very treatable with three lots of antbiotics. Nothing to do with the fibro. Go to your gp if nothing else than to put your mind at rest. xxxxxxxxxxx


Thanks spidey, I have had this also in pas about 10 years ago, I have just had blood tests done but when I rang doctors for result they have said they need to be repeated. I feel as if I have been punched in my stomach and I feel bruised from within, I will go drs if it persists though.


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