i don't know about anyone else but i really find the warm soothing properties of this wonderful ointment simply magical,i only wish it's effects were longer lasting! I often get sore,painful muscles in and around my ribcage,both sides, and as well as my taking my usual prescription meds Tigerbalm really does help me with this particular pain i get,in fact i'm off to slap some on now before i fall in to bed and crash! Sweet dreams everyone xxx

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  • I've just started using Comfrey ointment on my joints again it gives relief for a period of time but worth it. I use it on my hands which are very painful with arthritis

  • thats an old fashioned one my mum used to use comfrey

  • Go to pound land and get the tube of "muscle rub" there's plenty of it and it's cheap works really well on that nasty rib pain !

    Just one thing may have been my sensitive skin but don't apply straight after having a bath leave your skin to really dry for half an hour before applying x

  • I use tigerbalm for headaches as maxed out on meds. It really does help. Must try it in my knees then!xx

  • I love Tiger Balm!

    It's worth buying for the smell alone, tho' I haven't had any for a while.

    I always used it for headaches, but I might try it on my feet and ankles which are pretty sore at the moment. >>> runs off to Boots for new supply.

    Moffy x

  • Why go to boot and pay the earth I get miine from pound shops

  • I have found Pernaton helpful, both warming and cooling and tends to last quite a whil. I used pprescription capsaicin for a while til I had a bath around four hours after putting it on my knee. OMG! I have never experienced burning pain so severely in my life! My hubby Google it as cool water was doing nothing..and it was milk that neutralised it. I'm

  • Tiger Balm the wonder ointment! I discovered it after a rib injury then dawned on me to use it for my fibro...derr! The kids aren't so impressed at my lovely smell! :)

  • Well I shall definitely be giving this one a shot.

    My muscles are aching and sore after getting up from bed.

    See if I am good to go on this one, fingers crossed!!

  • Where oh where can I buy this miracle Tiger balm please???? Must try it! All other painkillers are not working for me!!! :-((

  • You can get this at your local Pound store, unbelievably this miracle in a jar soothes and warms and usually is sold as a pair. Love it...xxx

  • Try pound shops you can sometimes get it in a pack of 3 small jars

  • Boots sell it!x

  • I use TigerBalm as well & it works great ... I wish the effects would last longer too! x

  • Just sent for red(?) version off Internet...watch this space!!!

  • Darn it.. Just read it can be bought in the pound shop!!!

  • Just like to say my hubby used tiger balm when his knees played up on holiday in Thailand, it was a Thai lady in a chemist that recommended it, and he loved it.

    Now we both use deep relieve which has the warming properties of menthol (like tiger balm) along with ibuprofen. We didn't like the ordinary Gel, and the great news is you can get deep relieve on prescription. It lasts longer than the tiger balm.

  • I can recommend Biofreeze. Its not cheap but its very soothing. Its cheaper on the internet than chemists etc.. Try Biofreeze.co.uk and itsnatural and organic!

  • oh wow I got Tiger balm after reading the blog its amazing, I got it from Tesco couldnt believe it there it was sitting on the shelf!!!!

    I have used it on my hand and wrist which are excruciating at the moment following a break and 3 weeks in plaster and for the first time in months and months I had 5 hours sleep what a blessing!!

    I also put it on my husbands shoulder and it gave him some relief too!!!! these blogs are wonderful for passing on remedies x x x

  • I agree Tiger balm if fantastic. I started using Tiger Balm plasters when I saw them in Hong Kong when visiting my Son in 2009, we saw them in a chemist and thought I would try. I bought a few boxes and wow, I used one on a night when the pain was unbearable and it eased the pain enough that I went off to sleep and was walking the next day. I use the cream when I get that awful gnawing Fybro pain in my arms, legs brilliant.

    Now if my Son and Daughter-in-Law come here or I go there, Tiger Balm Plasters and creams are on the top of the list.

    I know you can order the plasters online here but they are more expensive than Hong Kong, I am lucky I have the Hong Kong connection, and after that flight I need them.

    I have tried everything, as well as being on all the types of painkillers from the Doctors, Tiger Balm I would never be without.

    I do try to save the plasters more when the pain is through the roof and I my Arthritis in my back is so bad I am barely walking, the creams I find I use more regularly. xx

  • I used to use tigerbalm as it is brill, and smells great.

    Slightly embarrassing though as once, many moons ago I got and old boyfriend to rub some on my back before retiring for the night.

    Only to be woke a short while later by him flapping around in agony! He hadn't washed his hands well enough afterwards, got the balm stuck under a fingernail, and rubbed his eye in his sleep...........nearly a late night trip to the A/E dept!!

    So be careful with it!



  • The plasters sound interesting though. What size are they?

  • I live on biofreeze roll on.

    I have it in bags, in the car, in bedroom, in cupboards.

    You can get it from amazon.@£7 lasts a good time. Fab & easy to use - even when driving you can roll sum on your back neck shoulders.

    its is cryotherapy pain relief -so if you dont like cold feeling dont use (but better than capiscan cream which is chilli peppers ground up and if its on your hands and u touch your eyes or lady bits when on the loo its a nightmare) LOL :-)

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