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Hi has anyone had to appeal aginst being put in work activity group, I just won a ESA tribunal appeal but got put in this group? I failed to get DLA. I was in the support group two years ago until I failed a medical, which was packed with inaccurancies, and now my condition is worse than ever, I need to appeal this. Any advice friends? Sue x

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  • I have not tried it myself but you can appeal for SG within a month of the decision to put you in WRAG. The appeal process is exactly the same, a DM might reconsider and put you in SG, if not a Tribunal will decide.

  • Hi, I hadbeen in SG for a year, went for an atos medical in March, and have been put into wrag. The medical report did not reflect my illnesses or how they affect my ability to work. I am appealing as I am disusted at this terrible decision, being punished for being sick! really a disgrace, for all of us. Ill let you know how I get on. I also contacted my mp and he has written to them also. I shall wait and see. x

  • Hi I know what you mean, My appeal was going on about of course you can make a sandwich and if you can drive sometimes, but they ignored all the medical evidence, there was a dispute about the distance I could walk, one said 20m and one said 10+m but they said it was 100m, the doctors writing was a bit dodgy. Its not fair the way they treat us, Im not satisfied and I am thinking of writing to my mp, but not sure what to say? Sue x

  • Hi sue, Just tell the mp exactly what atos have put you through and how you are suffering because of the wrong decision they made. Also how this system of punishing folk for being ill is disgraceful and it should be scrapped immediately and the money they use to pay the atos crowd could be put to better use helping sick folk have a life instead of existence in the community! Im really sick of them now, good luck and let me know how you get on. xx

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