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my appeal

Hi all, just to let you know I had my DLA and ESA appeal yesterday, I must say I kind of felt confident as I had loads of medical evidence, but alas, they refused me for DLA and put me in work activity for ESA, not a fair decision in my eyes. I worked for over 10 years with HMRC and had to leave because of this illness. Apart from feeling ill and suffering most days, I had to learn to manage on £62 Esa with regular sick notes and £60 tax credit, Im a single mum with a 16 year old left at home. I feel like Im in despair, how am I supposed to focus on getting a Job, when I cant even walkbeyond 10 metres without severe pain, I am truly scared for my future!!

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You can still appeal to a higher tribunal , anything is worth a try. Good luck


but can I, I dont think my condition is bad enough, but for me it is hell on earth, and has been for 5 years, I would rather work but my pain restricts me so much.


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