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First flare up in a long time

Hi all,

Had a bad nights sleep :( tossing and turning in pain.

This is my first flare up in maybe a month or two, think I have done well, but had a feeling I'd have one soon as iv had a calm period for a while now and I have almost been wondering and waiting for my next.

Just canceled my dentist appointment cause I don't think I'll be able to sit in the chair for a long time while I have work done even though it's only a 25 min appointment it will feel like forever.

Has anyone had a letter for PIP yet? Has anyone been awarded it? I have seen on the news they are going to be a lot more strict, I reapplied for high mobility last year as I had a flare up for 3-5 months, I was using crutches to help me get around and walking was extremely painful. My legs give way all the time. I even told them what medication I'm on. And without seeing me in person they told me I was fine on low mobility.

I am also severely hearing impaired and I'm on low mobility, yet a video on says if you are severely or profound you would be able to get high mobility. So that was rather confusing, you have to tell them if anything has changed and when you do there not bothered.

Anyhoo I hope you all have a good day.

Thanks Susan xx

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Hi Susan,

It looks as though everyone has to appeal if they're going to get anywhere - I don't know why they ask us to fill in forms, 'cos the content seems to be largely ignored. Don't give up, 'cos you need the help.

I hope your flare eases soon. Plenty of pain medication, and rest both mental and physical seem to help most people over the hump, so it's bed, piles of chocolate and some cheery magazines for you, my dear - at least part of the day. :)

I am sure that a bit of sunshine will help most of us too, so roll on summer!

Moffy x


Hi Moffy,

Thanks yeah I am going to have a lazy day, I am off out later as I am off to pick up some new hearing aids hopefully these ones should work better then my other ones.

As for the chocolate I think I might get some :) No sunshine where I live its just grey and loads of cloud :/ But I do have one thing to look forward to which is my holiday in August to turkey :D

I was looking at holiday insurance and "protect your bubble" looks good £10 sumic and it also covers people who have FMS, as my sister asked me if I would be okay with my FMS and I told her it covers that and she was even impressed, though most of my family have told me I wont be able to handle the heat, so I enquired it with my GP and she said if my friends daughter can handle it at the age of 1 why cant I :)

I haven't as of yet received the paper work for PIP, but did get a letter telling me my money was going up.

Thanks again

Susan xx


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