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Arrrgh!!! I find it hard to try to get enough rest. It is so hard in the morning to move and get ones self going. In the afternoon, i you say to yourself I'll just do this then sit down, then 2pm turns to 4pm, then it's get the dinner ready time. Partner takes so long to come when you call, which is takes longer! Does everyone else have that delayed reaction when you are doing things. You end up standing in the middle of a room wondering what you are doing. No we are not mad - it's just our FIBRO FRIEND GETTING IN THE WAY AGAIN!!! Still trying different tactics of pacing and grading.

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Yup I often wander around trying to remember why I got up.. Also time just goes in the morning .. My oh gets me out of bed at 7 am when he gets ready for work.. I sit down with breakfast check in on here and suddenly.... It's 9.30 where has the time gone... What have I done...... I start to say something and my mind goes blank ......

A one point I was forgetting. So much I asked my GP at routine appt and he said if you know you are forgetting then its fibro if you forget and don't ever remember forgetting things then it might be time to worry .. So I sit here with my fibro fog to keep me company when OH and son are out....

VG x


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