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A better few days at last!

Hi everyone well this is going to be a more positive blog. Actually had a nice weekend for a change with hardly any anxiety which is my main symptom at the mo. it was soooooo nice to feel more relaxed I just can't tell you. I'm sure the weather helped being less cold. I went to a garden centre with my daughter on Saturday(one of my favourite places). I'm back in my own bed after sleeping on the sofa because of nightmares. I did change the bed around Moffy. I did have a nightmare the first night but last night was ok . The other problem I have is my bed I wake up in agony but when I slept on the sofa i woke up with no pain at all. Thing is how can you know if a mattress is right for you? You can hardly sleep in the bed shop overnight to see if you wake up in pain mattresses are not cheap but I can't carry on like this. Anyway compared with some people's problems on here I guess I'm lucky to have a bed at all :(

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I'm so glad you feel a bit better, TM.

You might not need a special mattress - maybe just a decent new one - they deteriorate a lot after ten years.

I suggest you get a soft one if you can, well-sprung with a padded top. Most good quality mattresses are very comfy, anyway - bit there's a lot of sales hype!

The new memory foam mattresses have mixed reaction - some love them, some can't get on with them at all and they are very expensive.

I slept on an hotel mattress which was topped with a layer of this foam, and it was amazing! If I was buying, that's probably what I'd go for.

As you say, we are indeed lucky to have a bed at all - I'm sure there will be a bed tax before too long!

Stay strong and carry on getting better!

Moffy x


Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better TM. The weather here was lovely at the weekend and I pottered in the garden ... I felt much better for the warmth ..today its back to normal dull and cold but it seems at last as if the warmer weather is coming and I for one feel a lot better .. Central heating is great but it doesn't compare to the real warmth of the sun

VG x


Hi TM so pleased you have had a better weekend, going to the garden centre, great I love them too. Gardens give such pleasure don't they, even if its just the odd potter here and there, I did a bit of one handed weeding of a trough outside on Saturday, but the gloom had returned yesterday and with it the cold wind.

Skipping subjects, have you ever thought of a memory foam topper? They are nowhere near as expensive as a new bed and could possibly help.......whoops just realised Moffy has already said about this, so here are two people who have found them better :-)

Take care and hope the anxiety levels stay down. Foggy x


Glad you feelin a bit better Hun !! So much better when the sun is out x


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