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i am really getting low, pain never ends never stops constant ive tried to treat it has its not there but i feel it every minute of every day! i am 25 now diagnosed at 24! we (hubby and i) just started trying 4 kids had my 3rd miscarriage then now all this so weak need to srink thro a straw cannot pick up most cups or use child sippy cups. i cannot walk far at all unaided need my stick/zimmer indoors and wheelchair or my ne scooter - had to get 3 wheel one could not move the bigger heavier ones. i cannot bathe/dress/cook i have assistance with all. why us lot? from chating to people on here all seem lovely and it is annoying why its hit us all! why?! what have we got in common expect fibro! must be a common theme!

i really am struggling feels like i am moarning the loss of the old me who worked 48 hr weeks most weeks and worked 12hr shifts helping others in a senior role. sound silly dont i!?!

al i want is to be normal not keep getting weak positive resuts for upis ANDAD bllod test and markers for imflamed areas in body. some days i am in bed all day not necc sleeping but unable to move in so much discomfort/pain other days so tired sleep for 2/3 days only waking for toilet and food/drink.

i sound silly theres people dying and i am moaning but some days i wish i were dying least i know it were ending.

love from an exhausted pain ridden weak 25 yr old kez x v gentle hugs x

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This is a perfectly natural response you have been hit so badly , first with fibro diagnosis and thex to have a third miscarriage you are grieving for the loss of the old you and for the loss of your longed for child..... I was diagnosed with fibro at 25 ... Yes it was a shock and I thought why me.... I was fit I was sporty......

I know you want children most of us do... But as you are so weak and suffering with fibro right now maybe your body just can't cope with anything else at the moment.... have you been to see your GP and explained and shown him what pain you are in ... I have to state of course I have no medical knowledge and this is purely my point of view .. But I would try and get your fibro under control with meds that suit you best and then when you are stronger physically and mentally.... You need time to grieve for both events..... Then try for a baby. I Had always thought I would have children in my twenties... But having to come to terms with fibro and then get it under control I had my son when I was 32. Also your GP could recommend councelling.. A lot of us have had councelling to come to terms with what has happened to us and having miscarriages as well , maybe talking it over in councelling would be of benefit to you... It's nothing to be ashamed of... We need all the help we can get...

Fingers crossed and hoping you get some help soon... please keep posting on here and let us know how of are feeling

VG x


Hi there my love, I think these are very wise words from VG. You have to allow yourself, give yourself permission, if you like, to go through the very natural grieving time, (your OH too)

You are also grieving the loss of a lifstyle.

You then will need to accept your new lifestyle

You are alternatively abled!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once you can begin to know which meds work and which don't, how to pace yourself, how to accept and become mindful you will become calmer and find that with baby steps you can find little shining pockets of loveliness in your life. (they are there but hiding right now till you are ready)



thank you so much guys x i will try anything i am so desperate i have changed my diet and will change most things to get more like the old me x




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