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Phone Call

Hi everyone,

had my 1st phone call from my back to work adviser yesterday, She asked me how things are, I told her in a lot of pain and getting my regular neck injections at the end of the month,

arrrr poor thing was the reply, I got my illnesses letter from my doctor stating all of them which i read out to her, ( got them for the next medical with Atos) Arrr poor thing, you got quite a bit wrong with you, you think, she said have you got any questions for me, i replied DO YOU THINK ANYONE WOULD EMPLOY ME WITH ALL MY PROBLEMS, she said do you want an honest answer, please i replied, .......... YES, you have got such a lot to offer an employer, with all the help and support we can get you, yes i think you can, lmao, anyway next phone interview is in 6 weeks time,


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Hi Druss,

It's good that your adviser is helpful, and at least tries to be kind - some of them are so awful and make you feel that you have personally insulted them by being ill.

Years ago, I had one of these women say to me that she felt 'very let down' because I had taken three days sick leave with gastro-enteritis!

I thought 'Yes missus, I should have come to work and thrown up on your posh shoes - see how you like that!

She herself was always off work with migraines and stress, so I couldn't see why she was so sniffy about a reliable worker who'd caught a tummy-bug!

Ah well - we can but try!

Moffy x


I had to read this twice.... At first I thought it was from your employer... Now I read it again i see it Is from your back to work advisor ... I am guessing maybe wrongly .. Please correct me.. That you have are in the WRAG group and this work advisor is trying to get you back into work and you don't think you are well enough to. Well if you don't feel fit for work and your dr feels the same you can't be forced into work ... But it was nice for your back to work advisor to give you such a confidence boost in that you have skills and they they are willing to help you all they can to help you should you feel fit enough again...

Good luck wit your injections

VG x


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