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Am I doing to much when I feel ok?

Hi all

I was feeling good as you can on Saturday so decided to dig over my small patch of garden, it was harder than I thought as it has a lot of clay in it, I had to stop a few times but got it done, also a bit of tidy around garden, felt ok bit sore.

Today I feel as if I have been run over by 10 trucks both ways!, good job I dont have work till Thursday cant move at the moment without a lot of pain.

Like a lot of you I used to be so fit and do everything without any problems, it does get you down when you can feel more like 80 than nearly 50 :(

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Umm short answer ... Yes way way too much. I know when we have good days the temptation is so strong to get all the things that haven't got done done and finished but,, oh yes we will pay for it after..... Over this Easter weekend I have pottered in the garden weeding... 15 mins..., rest ....moved a few plants round... Rest.... Drag some weed out of the pond .... Rest etcetera and still I feel like I have been wrestling a small bear today..... I would have done all that in half an hour and then done housework then gone out and partied.... It's ridiculous that something we once would have done so easily wrecks us... And as you say I too today feel nearer 80 than late 40s...... I am actually looking forward to being 80 as I will finally feel my age :)

Take time out now to rest and relax... Don't think oh something else needs doing just think positively I HAVE done the garden so you have accomplished a big task there.....

Hoping you feel less like 80 soon..

VG x


Hello there, I tend to do exactly the same thing, when I'm feeling not so bad the concept of pacing goes flying out of the window. I too love my garden, but I know for certain that after a couple of years where I tried to dig over my small border, I end up in real trouble. This year I have asked one of the young boys to help me and earn a few pennies in the process.

For me, I think I still want to prove that I can still do the things I've always done, and come to the conclusion that now, actually I can't !! It's a hard pill to swallow.

I think you should really rest up as much as you can now so your body has told you in a big way to stop, so stop, let it heal and take from your experience the knowledge that pacing and saying, right I will do half an hour or I will do an hour, if that is within your boundaries, and then stick to it, go in and rest then a few hours later, if you haven't got more pain, do another half hour. I'm not being bossy, please no that this just comes from concern and experience, as a keen gardener I have now to really take it in bite size pieces.

Sending you gentle hugs and healing thoughts. Foggy x


Your both right I should know by now having this since 2003 it was not as bad in the early days but now the flare ups are getting longer and more painful, like you both I find it hard to let it beet me.

I will take it slowly for the next few days till work Thursday even that is getting harder now, I dont want to stop I enjoy one of the last bits of being normal, I do 25 hours, I have applied for DLA dont expect I will get anywhere though, am now registered disabled now though.

Thank you for your kind advice x


Never say never i get some dla low care and it helps me greatly ... I filled in the forms myself and was rather worried but I got it ...

Good luck and take it easy

VG x


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