Telling my GP I may have FB

Hi,at the moment i'm under the rheumatology at russells hall Dudley after countless blood tests and physiotherapy,They have told me I don't have rheumatoid arthritis and are sending me to see a neurologist,having read about FB i'm showing at least 90% of the sympton's mains ones being pins and needle's and burning in my hands and feet for the last 18 months,I'm thinking of going back to my GP and suggesting that I have FB, has anyone else done this? all help would be grateful.

Thanks Dave

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  • Hi Dave,

    Fibromyalgia tends to be diagnosed when all else has been excluded, as there are no specific tests for it.

    Presenting clinical symptoms and absence of other pathology would be the only indicators for a diagnosis of fibro, and treatment varies, but usually is aimed at supporting the most distressing aspects of each case.

    It's important that you see your neurologist to make sure that there is no other underlying cause for your problems. He may well decide that you have fibro, and will inform your GP of his findings

    I hope this is helpful. and that your neurologist won't find anything serious!

    Moffy x

  • I would do it.

  • Thanks for the info Moffy,i'm feeling a bit lost with the pain and burning at the moment so any help will do :)

    Thanks again

  • You could try suggesting to your GP that your rheumy had ruled out arthritis you have to see a neurologist and could it be fibro ... As most GPS hate being told what you think is wrong with you even when you are right :) fingers crossed the neurologist finds nothing either but then I don't want you to be stuck with fibro either.... At least you have found this site if it does turn out to be fibro

    VG x

  • Thanks Grumpy,my first thoughts were that GPs don't like being told:)

    It's helping already being a member of this site talking to people who understand the symptoms.

    Cheers Dave

  • Yes I agree with what you say about GPs. I am waiting for an appointment to attend Russell's Hall hospital to attend the pain clinic.

  • why hasnt your Rhumy diagnosed you with fibro if you have it ? surely he is better able than a GP hes the specialist . I can see why he wants you to see a neuro but if he thought it fibro the rhumy would probably have said ' ithink its fibro but want you checked out by a neuro first' My GP has always said in his opinion GP's shouldnt diagnose fibro its too complex it shoud be a consultant x

  • Cheers for that :)

  • You have to say to your GP: "Oh Doctor, I just KNEW you were right when you suggested fibromyalgia!"

    He won't remember, but he'll be very happy and impressed with himself.

    When I was nursing I used to say "Oh doctor, that was a good idea of yours to think of prescribing (whatever) for Mrs Brown!" as I waved the prescription form under his nose.

    It saved a lot of time when my patient needed some simple medication or other, and prevented lots of head-scratching about cost implications etc.

    I was the original 'Naughty Nurse'! :)

    Moffy x

  • ROLF, could be worth a try :)

  • Was was , I distinctly remember you in a naughty nurse outfit last week ;)

  • My GP diagnosed me .... mind you it was a long time ago 23 years ...good job he was right ...

    VG x

  • My GP diagnosed me,he is the most qualified to do so,I disagree that a GP can't diagnose Fibromyalgia without him my life would be unbearable!

  • GPs can definitely diagnose Fibro if they feel comfortable to do so. :)

    And actually, rheumatologists are usually NOT specialists in Fibro, as it is neuro-related, not really rheumy.

  • This article may be of use:

    I always found that acting a bit dumber and less confrontational helped sometimes. :) E.g. saying "I've read about this, could it possibly apply to me?" rather than "I think I have this".

    Do see the neuro though - as Moffy said, you MUST get everything else ruled out. And if the symptoms are localised to your hands & feet, that would point to something else being involved, even if you also have Fibro. E.g. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome:

    For a Fibro diagnosis, the WIDESPREAD ongoing pain is a crucial point. The pain should be all over (though it may jump from one place to another, not be all over all the time). And the hyperalgesia (hypersensitivity to pain) is the other key symptom - this is what the Tender Point test checks for, but many people know they have this without being scored. E.g. stubbing your toe might be agony for ages, or hugs might hurt.

    FWIW trigger points are a symptom of Myofascial Pain and should NOT be used to diagnose Fibro (they're different conditions!):

  • Thanks for the info,would it help if I wrote a list of all the pains and places and how long i get them to help the GP/Neuro/Rhumy.

    Thanks again to everyone.

  • Lindsey , Della i didnt say a GP couldnt i said my GP says its too complex and he feels that it needs expert intervention he sent me to a neuro and a rhumy. They did bone scans ct scans etc Good job really as i got diagnosed with MS too something my GP didnt suspect or expect nor did I .My GP is fantastic the whole practice is but they are a team which always believe that you should be sent on to experts if needed . A diary is a great aid for any medic Vbomber as wonderful as they are they cant keep everything in their head and i do know about that I WAS ONE x

  • Yes I have the pins and needles, burning hands,burning feet and I also have OA. I was diagnosed with Fibro 16 years ago and the pain is unbearable at the moment.

  • I printed out all the symptoms for fibromyalgia highlighted all the symptoms which matched me which I then took to my go. His reaction was that I was already on treatment for fibromyalgia, even though every time I attended the doctors with any of my symptoms they simply threw more pills at me telling me they had no idea why I was like I was. So my advice is do it they know we have the internet at our finger tips & I have been asked on several occasions when taking my kids to the docs what do I think it is thought that was their job. Best of luck.

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