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we are amused at last my physio appointment has come through for the 19th april wow

Yes wonders of wonders my back herniated disk was 4Jan so as the crow flies not bad on a stormy night.

IHAVE ALREADY BEEN TOLD THAT SHE WILL TREAT ME CONSERVATLY BECAUSEwell you all know the fibro et etc etc. etc. So I shall flog in be given exercises that kill and that will be that. But I hope it will be different I do so hope help will be useful to my back.

right it is time for the papers let see if are bathrooms are now being taxed after all you only need one per house surely and if we have spare bedrooms ........the world is on its head we need clear talking people who see the world is broken and can mend it xgins

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Yay Gins you actually got an appointment with a physio.. That in itself my friend is s a big achievement I hope you are treated usefully but gently... So fingers crossed there...

Now returning to the taxing of bedrooms bathrooms, garden sheds etc.

It just goes back to Georgian times when there was a window tax so people simply bricked up windows...... Perhaps people should ask the council and housing associations to come and take out the door of spare bedroom and plaster it up....if no one had spare bedrooms because of this there would be no revenue generated and it would be scrapped...

Just a thought.... Not very likely but would be so good if everyone actually got it done... What would the government do then???


Interestingly ,, years ago in the 1800,s the tax was worked out on how many windows you had in your house. My mom told me this. If you look around on some old buildings you may notice a place where a window used to be a see its bricked up. Apparantly lots of people bricked up windows to save money. But mad isn't it. I feel the bedroom sinario the same . Du think the rich pay bedroom tax .


No if you own your own house you won't have to pay it. It's only a tax on people who rent from the council or housing associations.

VG xx


Oooo light at the end of the tunnel! Good to hear physios really do exist and are not just mythical creatures. Been referred by rheumy consultant I saw on 3rd January and chased by OT but so far nothing, niet, nada. Will wait with baited breath to hear how you got on ;) x


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