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I got up this morning what did I see - grey and rainy but we wont be despondant spring is coming the daffodils are just breaking out

Unlike the daffodils that are full of colour and mirth I seem to have lost my voice- Hace you got it?

can I have it returned soon as as life is strange with him being deaf and me croaking in reply like a frog.

Frog tadpoles too early for them up here be another three weeks I guess before the frogs mate in the pond.!

So VOICE to Gins Borders Scotland ASAP and a hot cross bun wouldnt go amiss (ppppleeeeeeeeeaaaase)

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Now I know you are as mad as a box of frogs.... But I won't send a box of those though I must admit you do a lovely impersonation of a bullfrog.... Here you can have my voice on loan till yours comes back cos no one in my house listens to me anyway..... Have also included a hot cross bun only slightly nibbled check for freshness and poison etc


VG x


Hope your voice is back now, Gins. Sending loads of hot x bunnies and a big hug!

By the way, where do you live in the borders? I'm from Duns so great to know there is, someone else near by.

Lots of gentle hugs

Jane xxx


Hi hun near to gretna green :) still no voice xgins


hi gins, if it's run off with mine they're probably having more fun!



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