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Rhodeola rosea

Hi, this is my first blog, go easy with me! I just wanted to tell you about my experience with rhodeola rosea. A friend recommended it from another fibro sufferer who was using it. I have been taking one tablet a bay( Holland Barrets) for two and a half months and they do seem to be having an effect. I have been sleeping through the night for more nights and have had less brain fog. I don't think it is just that I am not experiencing a flare up, as the RR had not helped with the other symptoms, pain, burning, IBS etc.

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I'm glad you're having good results with this herbal stress relief. So long as it doesn't argue with any other medication, it's always worth a try.

We're looking forward to more blogs from you, hope you enjoy this site.

For more info, please look at our main site! :)

Moffy x


I have been using rhodeola rosea since January, although the fibrofog is not as bad the pain and neuralgia is as bad if not worse, so not a magic bullet.


I have ordered a book which is a food bible & it has a large section on FM. It gives you lots of ideas on vitamins, herbs, diet etc. So I'm always interested in anything like this that helps. Now all we need is something tohelp with all the other symtoms


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