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I keep reading on here about medicals and how people do/don't get on with them. Has anyone else NOT had a medical? Are they allowed to put you in WRAG without one?

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  • i didnt have a medical and i went straight to the support group from the form. I sent a lot of supporting evidence from 3 consultants . There are some individuals on this site who have a lot of experience , more than I but i do feel as much info as possible and try to fill every box good luck x

  • Hi yes they can put you in WRAG without one the only thing they can't do is pronounce you fit for work without a face to face 'medical'

  • Thank you. What's the difference?

  • they did that to me stated i was fit for work with out meeting me then later apologised as they misplaced my supporting documentation and misread my forms from consultants now in support group had no medical as of yet.

  • Do you mean what's the difference between WRAG and support group? If so then the support group means that you are unable to work at all and do not need to go to any work focused interviews. Also there is no 365 day contribution paid limit to ESA I

    in this group. The WRAG on the other hand means that you do have some ability to work although this could be limited and you need to go to interviews which are supposed to help you go back to work at some point. Also if you are on contribution based ESA this will only be paid for 365 days. Hope this helps xx

  • It would appear that they can, they did in my case, into the WRAG without a medical,,,wham. Tat having been said the lady at the jobcentre who saw me for my first WRAG appointment said I definately couldn't be considered for any form of work related activity and put me forward for a reassessment , which was duly turned down. I got back in touch with her again and still she said she would not be even thinking about my working in anyway, she said it was clear that I couldn't do it.. I was surprised that she was supportive and "on my side" and I feel very lucky. She advised me not to go through the trauma of an appeal as the situation is now in her hands and age has no plans for me to do anything I don't want to.

    Hope t's makes some form of sense.

    Foggy x

  • Thanks. I thought I'd seen something similar to your reaponse before. I was just a bit concerned when I got the appointment throught the post this morning.

  • After sending off my ESA50 I did receive an appointmnt for a medical. Then two weeks before I was due to attend it was cancelled as they had received further information about me. Saturaday letter received stating put in WRAG. Just got back from CAB and appointment made for 23 March as going to appeal to be put in support group. I'm trying to stay calm but this is all so stressful.

  • Its all going to depend what is wrong with you.many who have Fibro also have many other conditions which those alone would mean they are unable to work, before they even look at the Fibro diagnosis, so thats may be why medicals assessments are not required by all. xx

  • I have asthma, fibro, essential tremor, gout (in hands and feet) and chronic depression.

  • hi i was found fit for work got a welfair officer to get intouch with the d w p then i got a phone call saying i have been put in the work related group with out going to the appeal 2 months later got another apointment to go for a medical rang atos to tell them i wont be going because i didnt have the 20 pound to get transport to get me there that was 6 months ago still not heard anything and they didnt stop my e s a

  • ATOS pay your travelling expenses. I'm not sure if they pay in advance, but we told there how many miles it was to get there and then doubled it and they pay a mileage rate. it goes direct to your bank account. I think it took a couple of weeks to come through. I think if you have to gve a taxi they may even arrange too pay the taxi company direct, but I'm not 100% sure how it works, but in some areas they may ave contracts with them. not everyone is able to use public transport and they accept that. xx

  • I went for my assessment at the beginning of last year. The nurse said she wouldn't make me do the movements etc to assess my mobility as she could see how much pain I was in. I was still put in the WRAG group !!!! I am still waiting for my tribunal date and have not heard anything. I am living on my DLA at the moment which is not even enough for my bills. I go days without food. I had worked all my adult life until the pain of fibro became too much. Now I need some help I can't get any.

  • i now they pay your travel and put it in your bank after you have been to the medical but i didnt have a penny when they wanted me to go and if i did have the moneywhy should i pay 20 pound for them to say im fit for work iv had 9 of these meds and failed all of them until i appeal then it gets upheld in my favour its a joke

  • I didnt have a medicalwent into support group my doctor printed copies of all the spec letters and attached them with a letter from her

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