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Fatigue - any coping strategies?

I used to sleep all the time at the drop of a hat (which annoyed me) New medication means I now sleep soundly at night (mirtazipine) - but cannot do much during the day. Sitting is uncomfortable so I lie on the sofa exhausted but I can't sleep at all even for a nap. I think pacing is the answer which I do with certain necessary things. However I am off work at the moment and pretty much sofa-bound with heavy exhaustion. Any ideas? Anyone been like this and overcome it? I can't take anything herbal due to drug interactions.

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Hi is the fatigue due to fibro or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? ...

I have both, but when I only had CFS I could pace myself. but at the moment I have acute Fibro and my fatigue rules my life, When I had CVFS I was able to live with it rather than it take my life over. However now I feel exhausted as soon as I get up. I cant use herbal either because of drugs I find myself on ! and my crystals cant really cut it either , maybe because of the darned side effects!

I do find that relaxation and Meditation helps me , you could try that, if your not already doing that x ;-)

Gentle Hugs


Hi, thanks Rainbowdancer, it's Fibro. Have got my pains under control and now can't do anything. I get out of bed to lie on the couch! From what you are saying maybe I should do more progressive muscle relaxation...meditation is a bit advanced for my state of mind at the moment, but it's always something to work towards.

Thanks for the gentle hugs which are returned multiplied x :)


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