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Happy Mothers day to all Mum's

Hope all you Mums had a good day! :-)

My daughter bought me a voucher to go on a tour with her on a motor trike ,I had always said I would love a bike like Billy Connoly's tour trike. And now as I cant drive or walk she thought it would be a nice pressy......So when I saw it I said " Oh that's lovely thanks babe" and she said "Mum I thought you would be more excited than that........................." I don't know if any of you feel the same but tho I was pleased I just could not get exited,I am the same with any surprises of late!! :-( I guess its how this horrible illness makes you be.

I know I will enjoy it and maybe by june /July I may be better than I am now x

Any way big ((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) to you all x

Rainbow Dancer x x

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rainbowdancer----WOW what a lucky mum. if you decide no.....I will go in ur please : )

I can relate to how u r feeling especially about excitement and surprises. When ur in constant pain and on meds its hard to get excited about anything.

I got a trip of a lifetime a few years ago to New York 4 2 weeks....and I was like urself....not excited, in constant pain and couldnt imagine myself ever doing something like that.

I DID it....hard going every day but NOW when i am in bed with FIBROMYALGIA i have found that tv programmes can spark of memories i to be honest its like going there in my mind.

I took everything slowly, minute by minute. hour by hour etc.

Do a wish list...and enjoy the opportunity xx


ps go in ur place x


Yes it will be fun,I hope on the day to be well :-) It wont be until may/June so hopefully good weather,that will help. I went to South caralina with my Mum in the 90s we stayed for 90days but I was well then and just after I got home I was diagnosed with CVFS I had had glandular fever before I went ,and cought a virus while I was out there x But the memories of the trip still linger, We changed planes at N Y and I remember the stop over well x

Just glad I did things before I got this aweful fibro etc least I have my memories :-)

Gentle hugs

Rainbow x x x


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