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Went to the rugby last night (season pass holders) to watch my local league team have a fanastic win over castleford 52-0, we was contemplating wether to go as it was raining an damp and cold and wondered wether it was worth it as i would be suffering but we went and i am sooo glad what a fantastic match i was all wrapped up layers and layers plus a big thick blanket wrapped around me i did suffer once home but it was worth it, i am am stiff and sore this morning too but i am just going to relax an watch the tv today, i know maybe not that interesting to many but i was born and bred hull fc it is in my blood you could say and it is 2hours me and the hubby get to ourselfs away from the normal day to day family life and be just the 2 of us and 10,000 or more that are there just for 1 thing the rugby , have a good day, gentle hugs to you all xx

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Glad you had a good time, Teresa! Sometimes it's good to put two fingers up to fibro and just do what you want, whatever the consequence!

Take care

Moffy x



It sounds like you had a great time and what a lovely memory, so good to have an interest that gets you out , i always think well i could have ended up sore and stiff the next day anyway so i will try and go and see how it goes

I like to pretend i am in control of the conditions , i know i am not but i am a rebel :)

it is lovely to hear of other members interests as our illnesses do not represent the true people we are, i love reading and spending time with my family and chatting with my cousins who are spread throughout England

take care x


i love family time and looking forward to tomorrow mothers day as the family are cooking a meal , and hopefully a web cam with my daughter and grandson in australia xx hope alll you mums have a lovely mothers day xx


Sounds like a perfect day to me

i have no idea how our day will go , we would like to visit Mum 2 ( in law ) but she is terminally ill so may have to go another day ( hopefully ) she won't know its Mothers day due to Alzheimers so better to space family visits , my hunbby is 1 of 6 so maybe too much all in one day.

My son his partner and my Grandson will pop in to see me as will my son in law and Grandgirls, my daughter is away on a hen weekend and not sure what times she is coming home, i see her everyday as she only lives a few doors away

have a lovely day all you MUMS out there you deserve it x


We all need to rebel an enjoy the things we love gives our moral a buts , so glad you had a lovely day sounds grate ??xxx


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