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know going mad

thought things going well this week ,but no what with my cat getting staples in her back leg due to vet cutting her ,and clips in ,back next week for them out ,

but now woke up this morning ankle really swollen ,couldnt get boot on foot , so had to put slippers on ,went to new flat and helped a little as i whant to move in asap ,i mentioned that ankle was getting worse and my calf was red and hurting .and swollen , .

so endend up at A and E .,saw doc and explaied i brok it 2012 gave history . so took bloods as it may be a dvt , great i thought ,but had to wait nearly a hour for results ,but when got it i was shocked ,yes posative for DVT ,.so got injectin in tummy ,then back tommrow ,,sunday ,for oramorf ,then monday scan in left leg to see wear it is ,

but still to see spacalist about fuzing ,so it may be sooner than later ,

so im tired ,hurting ,worried, ,now doc as upted the pain pacthes and on amatriplyn to 10 mg , /

and trying to move to new flat and getting it decorateded , . ;

iv only got till end of month to move in , ;

does any one no a charty that i can get a mobilty scooter as very desprate now , .

sorry for ranting on again

hugs to all

tinkerbell ,

bed soon im shatterd


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sorry to hear that tinkerbell.

I don't know of any charity, I bought my scooter on ebay.

I went into a shop and tried several then I got one on e-bay. sometimes they are in our local paper.

take care,



Hi Tinkerbell

such a busy time ahead m were you adviced to rest your leg ?

are you trying to do all the decorating before you move ?

Its good that you got prompt treatment for the dvt , please try not to worry , i know its difficult but stress makes fibro so much worse as you know

sorry i can't be more help or able to suggest where you can access charity info

i hope you manage to get a restful nights sleep

take care, warm hugs xx J


Morning Tinkerbell what rotten luck so pleased you had the leg looked at ! Now I am not sure how you go about it but I think RAFA might be able to help you or the ROTARIANS just a thought they do some times do really good stuff for people and you sound like it would really help just now Good luck xgins


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