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Read through some posts and then thought "Oh maybe that's what I have got ! LOL

Well today I was really down as my health seems to go from bad to worse or as my friends little one says " You goes from worse to worser eh! "

Well I was reading the post about swollen feet and mine are so big I have to wear a 7/8 and used to wear a 5,as I don't walk anywhere much it does not matter that I have more shoe than foot........................Anyway I read all the comments and as I don't follow trends or such I wondered what " Imelda Marcosis " was after writing a bit on here I went on to google thinking 'well maybe that is whats wrong with my feet ' LOL :-) I did laugh when I saw it was a person who had a lot of shoes ha ha I thought I had at last found out what my darn feet were up too....Still giggling now :-) So thanks for cheering me up ...I think it was Gins blog I was reading.

Lots of gentle hugs...seeing the funny side cheered me up :-)

Rainbowdancer x x x x

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Oh Rainbow that just so made me laugh ... Yes it was gins thread ,,,, Ladymoth is to blame for that please please find a way of exacting revenge upon her ..I will happily lend you my moth swatter :D

VG x


Ooh Aah Owch! Now I shan't let you try on my three thousand pairs of shoes!



At the last count middle of last year my wife had 108 pairs of shoes and still bought some more for her cruise. She can board the ship at Southampton and they let her have 7 or 8 suitcases with no weight restriction, she is in her element. Biggest problem for her is which ones don't go.

Take care and kindest regards



They let her her take 7 or 8 suitcases??!! Wow!


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