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HELP trying to find an article JSA to Self employment

As I have moaned about before Atos decided i was fit for work so I am on JSA. Now it has been a year without me getting a job - despite me trying and having a few interviews - I truly believe the medical disclosure ruins mt chances.

Anyway now they have decided that i should become self employed. Doing what I said.

Filling in surveys or becoming a mystery shopper or you could make something was the answer,

Now I am being sent to someone else, who will help me develop my ideas. I havent actually got any ideas. Most days i struggle with thinking about what to have for dinner.

Any advice PLEASE..

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That's a tough one, Tiddlyf!

Being self-employed takes a lot of energy - something we fibromites don't have! If they're sending you to someone, i should ask them for ideas. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it!

Will get back to you if I have any bright ideas, but don't hold your breath!

Best wishes in your struggle!

Love from Moffy x


The ESA advisors want everyone to go onto job seekers allowance or self employment.

This ploy is to reduce the ESA claimants and for the self employed to reduce the unemployment figures.

People with long term health conditions NEED Help and support into employment.........

If you feel your condition is that you can manage the long and sometimes stressful periods of working for yourself go for it!!!

But do this for yourself and not just to please the ESA advisors.

Best wishes XX


Do not go self-employed unless you have something lined up a lot of work required to set up and you have no protection. You also have to submit tax returns not easy.

What exactly do they expect you to do I could not think of any business I could set up without start up finance or that I had sufficient skills to do without pain.

You cannot just go S/E you need a business plan, finance and most importantly a skill or service people want to pay for. The Jobcentre are wrong.


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