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Keeping a daily diary

Hi, new here so thought I would write about me. I keep a sort of daily diary of symptoms and what I think are the causes and effects, on the notes section on my mobile phone. t~ah way, when I go to the GP I can refer to the notes. I was diagnosed abut four or five yrs ago after many, many trips to the GP trying to insist that all my aches and pains and tiredness were connected. In the end my optician referred ne to the eye clinic for dry eye syndrme and the consultant there referred me to rheumatology therefore bypassing the GP. Recently my dentist sent me to the maxo facillary dept for jaw and burnng mouth pain.

If you have a GP who is reluctant then you could try this method as I find these other specialists are often more kind and open to ideas.

So, I have fibro, dry eye syndrome, arthritis, and possibly oral lichen planus.

Amytriptiline is horrible so ditched that. Use a combination of gabapentin , cocodamol, aspirin, citalipram, blood pressure med,tow different eye drops and gel. Back to maxo facillary next week to find out result of very painful lip and mouth biopsies.

Have been tryomg t get them to test for sjorgrens and the MF guy has done this now so waiting to see. This is from dentist ref not GP.

Do not work except couple of little cleaning jobs for old dears. Hard to get up on a monday to do them but I make it and it always makes me feel exhausted but happy

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Hi Spidey, lovely to hear from you

i am so glad you finally got referred even though it needed to be by a different root

I love the idea of a diary, i have kept one in the past for migraine trying to find the triggers

which were hormanal

Unfortunately it seems fibro doesn't like to be alone and several of us have other conditions

I have arthritis and IBS


doh laptop doing its own thing again grr

You seem to have quite a concoction of meds going on but as long as they work its all good ,

i take tramadol and paracetamol and they seem to keep me on track well

I love the couple of cleaning jobs idea i am sure they look forward to seeing you every monday and it gets you out of the house

Please let us know your test results and how you are doing

Take care J


Welcome to the site hope you have a good time here there are lots of people about at lots of different times and lots of info at fibroaction.org

I am so glad you explained the saying dont sweat the small stuff... There was/ is someone else on here who uses that phrase and I never did know what it meant

VG x


Hi Spidey!

Welcome, and thanks for your tip about using specialists other than GPs to get referrals you need. A good hint for all of us, I'm sure!

It's good you have a couple of jobs - it's helpful if you can manage to do something outside the home. I do a bit of voluntary work, which fortunately involves a lot of sitting down - but it's good to see a different set of four walls!

Hope you enjoy being here with us.

Moffy x


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