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ohh dear what a week so far & wkend cars and ear ache & the rest

ohh dear what a week so far & wkend cars and ear ache & the rest

so this week so far

grateful to new custom a good start on Monday 4th

The weekend my car was leaking blue fluid arrgh after a month off road and finally getting new cam belt and water pump done wow back on form then this wkend omg no not something else eek so finally gets sorted gets on road and then today Tuesday my hubby rings ..hi sweetheart errrm are you sat down ? ..noo but i wil do .. my cars FFF**9wrwe

no way why ??.... the clutch!! ohh no i cannot handle this as much as just metal and a car we rely very heavily on transport for our jobs which are completely opposite in areas and a fair bit of mileage is involved , so he finally gets home after 8 pm tonite with Green Flag (very nice timid young man he says) its not clutch its servo ..ok so many wont probably understand technical issues (even i have problems at times lol) i was brought up wiht mechanics. but its so frustrating and infuriating as we work so hard and never have any income to spare at all.

so now his car is off road and back to sharing with mine old 4x4 which will cost roughly 120.00 pw to get around tehn i have girls to pay etc and house bills like electric 70.00 pw and food for us all i just dont have it .. feeling rather stressed . it is so expensive because he has to save now for the work to be done just like i had to.

to top it all i been suffering with my ears ? one side the left was eczma always had it and leaks and i get steroids as gets inflmaed and then my right side which is omg not very well at all it is painful down right side of head and behind the ear and feels closed up getting sharp pains , i am so very very tired after out and about too and i provoked my right arm by tryin to get up a unit and then could not move it for the weakness and pain. My left thumb is absolutely throbbing , i feel like i have a fever every nite its been going on a while and my head just feels rough along with the nausea feeling .the jaw constantly burning and jaw joints hurting, the shooting pain from either left or right side where i have no teeth.. i am tough but how tough can i be to keep going on .. .

But guess what we smile and we carry on and we laugh as what else we to do ...

we just said all we need now lovey is a plane to fly over and empty is disposal of poop on us and that will top it all heheheehe last laugh there ;-)

we will get through but do feel its constant bad luck running and no idea why i keep asking what have we done?!?!?!?

thanks and am sure you will send me hugs and i thank you rite now before you do hahahha

and rite back at ya all too as i am a true little yorkshire lass xx

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Oh what a week so far cazzie ... It never rains but it pours as they say sorry about the cars and the bills eeeekkkkkk

But I know you.... You will still be there smiling through it all

VG xxxx


Yes VG my best laugh tonite was going to the loo and falling in it because i never checked the lid was Down pmsl ohhh cheered me up but hurt haha xx men x


Sweet dreams xxxx cazzie


Hi Fc

not only are you ill you have a poorly family car too oh dear

Have you been overdoing it ? no of course not , we never do , well not very much anyway lol

Have you been to the Gp as you seem to have so many things playing up ?

Do you know i can sense the beaming smile from here

Hang on in there hun, time the tide turned

catch up on pm soon

take care , warm healing hugs x J


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