Candy crush

This is random does any1 play candy crush saga?

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  • Yup :)

  • Gosh i am so addicted to it but stuck on level 156 grrr lo

  • Eeep I am level 50 I won't move on till I 3 star every level and so am stuck at 50 I am in competition with my OH he is also stuck trying to 3 star 50 so I have to do it soon.... I will not let him win.... He is insufferable if he gets ahead. :)

  • I find it hard to get 3 stars lol in comp with my friend lol

  • Addict here too *waves*

  • I am on level 165 and i am giving up because i cant get past it grrrrrrrr :(

  • im now stuck on 159 hate the choc lol

  • Ooh not you lot as well. I am surrounded by candy crush addicts. My daughter, her friends, my friends and now you, lol x

    May have to take a look what its all about. Especially as I have had no sleep all night. Bloody ear infection on top of everything else.


  • yep its highly addictive. lol will pass the time. I hope it clears soon for you ive never had ear infection but my son has and he was bad with it falling in to things ect. Are you on antibiotics? xx

  • Thank you. Unfortunately have one virtually every year, hence know what it is. Off to hopefully get my antibiotics this morning. It's a nightmare but this time affecting my sinuses and middle ear.

    Will have a look. That's probably my issue. I know will get addicted, lol.


  • well good luck with the docs (and the game lol ) xxx

  • Yes, been playing a few weeks. Stuck on level 35!

  • 35 is hard took me 2 weeks to do much to the amusement of my hubby lol

  • Me too. Stuck on I think 35. My sister and daughter also play.

  • 35 is hard took me 2 weeks to do much to the amusement of my hubby lol

  • Yep. My daughter's at fault for introducing me to it. Can't remember what level I'm up to -50 something - but they seem to shove a near impossible one in every now and again. If it's not me turning the air blue it's my daughter.

  • Yeees!! I love it!! I get really mad when I can't complete a level!! How childish is that?? *throws toys out of the pram.....again* XXXX

  • Me!me! I play it but only on hubby laptop as my kindle won't let me :-((( stuck on 30 grr

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