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PHEW !!! my Week of Hospital appointments !!

Well last week I had my bowel opp and tests and as I said no nasties there thank goodness....well that was Monday and today I am feeling a bit more comfortable,when using the last, ( mind you due to meds I now have to take Movacol 2 times a day and sennacot at night!! ) :-(

I then had to have xrays on my hips ,and I have bad atheritis ( oops spelling )

Then I had to go to see the Orthapedic surgeon,more xrays on knees and hips,at another hospital and he said my right leg was now worse,but I am still too ill to have two new knees !! So he asked how I felt about Steroid Injections...well I don't like them, but I could put up with it if it helps like the last one did 6 months ago. So he injected my knee and from the moment the anesthetic went in the pain eased,and glad to say when it wore off NO MORE PAIN !! Oh my I just could not believe it :-) and it is still pain free :-)

Then Friday the social services called to see what we needed doing. And same day the OT came and bought me a stroller.....It turned out she was a physio from care in the community,and she checked me over and booked me in for an assessment at the hospital next Friday,and will come to the house for a few weeks to try and help me. !!!

Now up to date as tomorrow I have Rheumatologist appointment for my fibro check up, all these appointments are at different hospitals so I am exhausted.....but glad its now being addressed.

I did have a good thing happen last week!! I had been surprised to get £250 pounds back for my car I had to hand back, and the good condition was rewarded!! Then I had another cheque arrive for a refund on a chair that brokedown.....So as it was all a surprise I went on line and the people I got my scooter from,had a recline and stand chair with massage and heat therapy on it for £700 in stead of 2 grand on other sites. It arrived and is amazing,I can now sit safely and it will help me to get up. Not to mention the massage :-)

I do hope this post finds you all well!! Keep warm my fellow fibromites as this wind does hurt us when it bites and gets into our muscles and bones.

(((((((((((((((((((((( Gentle Warming Hugs )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Rainbow x x x

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Looks like it's been a pretty good week for you, despite a lot of it being based around hospitals!

Glad you've had some financial good news anyway.

It beats me how hospitals make us cover so many miles - it's a long journey for me to our local hospital, and when you get there, the Rheumatology Dept is at the absolute outer perimeter of the hospital. It's a standing joke that if you're fit enough to reach it, you don't need their services!

Like you, I'm staying in the warm when I can!

Love Moffy x


So relieved for you rainbowdancer!


Hi rainbow dancer wow what an eventful week you've had glad to hear your tests results didnt reveal any hidden nasties that must have been such a relief :-) nice to hear that you had some good fortune the massage chair sounds like heaven. Enjoy xx



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