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Weird or what

There I am looking through all the blogs that go into my phone forgot how to spell phone for a min anyway back to topic, so I'm typing a coment and drop my phone when I get a feeling like my hands were on fire a new one for me, when in pain it sometimes feels like red hot fingers digging inn but this was different, its hard to describe like millions of red hot pins running down my hand under the skin its just happened again ihope its not going to become the norm. Has anyone else experienced this? . Sithy

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Hi ya

If you hands feel numb and tingly then you may have something which is very common for a lot of people is carpel tunel,which is what I have and am waiting to have my hands operated on,if it carries on and gets more frequent then I would suggest probably another trip to the Drs.



I hope its not carpel tunnel I already had that in both hands and had double decompression surgery don't want it again and now my face is on fire again argggggggggg so fed up


Hi. I get a similar feeling in my hands, around the base of my thumbs, to my wrists. It starts very suddenly, feels like you said, millions of hot pins stabbed into my hands, then its gone. Ive had Fibro, probably all my life but was diagnosed in 1996. But this hand thing has only been happening over about the last year. Its a horrible feeling, isn't it. Ive got Arthritis in my hands and I put it down to that, but I'll get it checked out when I next see my Dr. They say Fibro isn't progressive, but I think it does go through different stages and the list of symptoms we have, grows. Of the list Ive seen of 100 symptoms of Fibro, I have at least 86. Great,!! :(


Of course its not progressive, I only had it in my right hip 20 years ago, now I'm riddled with it, I was told then that it was not hereditary, yea and I'm a size 10 and only weight 8 stone, in my dreams I haavent been that size for about 16years they tell us all sorts of doo doo. Ah such is life we just have to put our best foot forward, hhhm now which ones that. Luv to all . Sithy


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