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Hi there i have has severe back problems for a while i have also noticed i am always tired need to rest more often

I am now going through the phase of severe headaches every week to the point where i have to sleep to stop feeling sick . All My doctor has suggested is have your eyes checked!!! I have had tour children and never felt this tired which is now affecting My Moore My doctor seems to just want to fob me off after i had to confront him over My back i also have very bad l

Pins and needles plz some one help me as My family do not understand x

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Many of us have been in your situation and many of us still are... When my old GP retired I got transferred to a GP who had me in tears ... I got home came on here in tears and the advice i got was to write to him personally which I did explaining how he had made me feel. When he received it he was on the phone the same day apologising and we now have a great dr patient relationship... Unfortunately I am not one of his easier patients I react so badly to so many meds its hard for him . If your GP seems unsympathetic can you take someone with you, for support or write a letter, see another GP at your surgery. Or even find another surgery.. From my personal experience once you make your GP aware of your feelings things improve.

Please know you are not alone and there are always people about on here to listen and suggest solutions

VG x


i have been very vocal with my doctor and had one of the receptionists sacked due tobeing unprofessional. which i did very reluctantly as she did not take me seriously but the doctor just seems to try to fob me off which is very frustrating as i hate not being able to do my every day activities due to the symptoms. i am on a various amount of meds due to my back condition and even reduced these in case they were the cause of the problem but to no avail its driving me mad as i have no energy at all but thanks for all the help x


A visit to the optician is probably a good idea - it's not just about eyesight - the optician will examine your retina and get all sorts of information about the state of your general health and whether you have any neurological conditions.

Doctors should do this examination, but they often don't, and patients frequently get referred from their optician to a hospital specialist because of their findings.

I would definitely advise this course of action - it doesn't look as though your doctor has bothered to examine your eyes, which he should have done, bearing in mind the symptoms you mention.

Moffy x


thanks for that have booked an eye test the last time i had a mri scan it showed white spots on the brain so i thought it may have something to do with that,my doctor always trys to fob me off with pain killers but to me it is only masking what may be wrong I know i may be worrying about nothing but its never been this bad. and thanks for the reply x


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