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Spreading Awareness with FibroAction!!

Spreading Awareness with FibroAction!!

Do you attend a local Fibromyalgia support group ?

Does the group leader know about FibroAction and the Support Group Directory?

FibroAction are now producing A4 posters with information about Fibro and space for groups to add their own contact information for GP surgeries, CAB and local hospitals.

A great way of promoting awareness of Fibromyalgia, FibroAction and your local support group within your local community.

If your support group would like some of these posters and/or like to be included in the directory, please email:

There are other ways FibroAction can help local groups , please see details below:

Let's get FibroAction posters into as many public places as possible !! especially GP surgeries!!!

Don't forget everyone can subscribe to our newsletter, 'LIKE' the FibroAction Facebook page and follow us on Twitter too.

For the newsletter please visit:

Search FibroAction on Facebook and follow @fibroaction on twitter.

We appreciate your support !

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I will mention it next time I go to the Carers Centre. I bet they would put a poster up. I think I am the only carer there that has fibro, but I could be wrong xxxxx


Were do i get these posters from?.. I know of at least 6 people local to me who have it... I would be willing to put them up around my village docs, schools and clinics. xx


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