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esa reconsideration

Hi was just wondering if there was any one/where that has templates of letters that I can use to write to the Job centre plus to be reconsidered for the support group, just had the worst 6 weeks of worry to go to a placement for training only to find out that there wasnt a place for me and I should write to them and ask to be considered for SG

Thanks Nutty xx

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Citizens Advice Bureau might be your best bet - they can advise you about what to write and who to approach.

You can find the location of your nearest branch if you click on the link.

Best of luck! Moffy x


try think they have helpful letters x


I would have a word with your benefits adviser if you can as I am sure they may tell you to reapply on the grounds that you are worse. CAB or Welfare Rights should also be able to help xxxxx


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