if your on ESA do u have to keep sending sick notes into the jobcentre?

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  • Hi there,until I passed the esa medical I had to keep on sending in sick notes. When I was put onto the group unfit for work I didn't have to send them in anymore... Hope this helps xxx

  • I didnt have to x

  • My mum failed her Medical case is on appeal In order for my mum to get ESA she to send sick note every 3 months just so she can get £72 per week. Doctor also sent a letter stating she unfit for work.

    Peace and Love to one and all

  • Hi this is a very good question.

    Could someone in the know please answer this. i am sure many of us would like to know this.

    Thank you

    Bye for now love Axxx

  • You have to keep sending them to the BDC until ATOS see you.

  • Who's the BDC?

  • Benefit delivery centre.

  • I think it depends on how long you have been off sick xx

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