Fibro related conditions,,,,reactive Hypoglacemia

Hi just wanted to put this information up. I've read it's one of the related conditions. It seems not all doctors accept it actually exists , tho some do. It's interesting ,,,,


It's worth while checking it out because so many of you out there get these symptoms I've been battling with it for around two years now. Since I've taken some advise and looked into reactive Hypoglacemia , I've felt a whole lot better

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  • Hi --another article you may like to read is there is a section on reactive hypothermia and fibromyalgia. I have already discovered myself that by eating small meals more frequently that I can control my symptoms better. (My motto is "little and often") I also try and eat foods with low G. I. (Oats) My mother in law also has reactive hypo (not fibromyalgia related) and she eats similarly to me. Thanks for posting this link -- it would be interesting to think that reactive hypo is part of the cause -- but I think it is probably due to the hormonal imbalances present in fibromyalgia. Take care xx

  • Please be aware that concerns have been raised in the past about links with that website and commercial companies who harvest people's contact details for sale. I would advise NOT putting your details into their "newsletter" subscription box.

  • Sorry that should read reactive hypo g l y c a e m I a ( not t h e r m I a) predictive text is a pain!!!

  • It's a good point to raise. If you're not aware of how reactive hypoglycaemia works, you can end up on a slippery slope of relying on high-energy foods & drinks. I lived on Lucozade for months before I realised what was happening...ruined my teeth and didn't help my Fibro!

  • Ialso suffer with reactive hypoglycemia and find I'm better if I avoid potatoes and pasta x

  • Yes. I agree. I think I've pretty much got my Reactive Hypos under good control and hardly ever have them now. My daughter is allergic to MSG so we gave up all that was including that in it's various forms and I've been considerably better since then (3yrs). I have a set weekly menu and shopping list saved on my mobile, which I can manage to cook on good days. (My GP was brought in to watch me have one in the surgery after I had gone for another reason but I had had difficulties actually getting to the original appointment with the Nurse due to the weather. GP did say that that was what it was. That was before my Fibro diagnosis 4 yrs later). I have noticed that I tend to get them when I do too much, which is probably why I don't get them much now???

  • I've been suffering with this for longer than I've had any real (i.e. chronic, constant) symptoms of fibro. Like Lindsey, I used to survive mainly on energy drinks etc., but I'm trying to basically follow a similar diet to my diabetic Mum, and that seems to work. xx

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