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Sympathetic dentist

My dentist has recently retired and the ones who have taken over are all very young and don't seem to have much sympathy for my pain problems, I have to have a root filling which will take about 40 mins, I,m dreading it because of my neck pain and having to stay in one position for so long, I"d like to change dentist but the problem is not many are taking on new patients at the moment, anyone had problems with their dentist and fibro?

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I've always found they're fine if I'm upfront about issues. Maybe it helps that I have TMJD as well as neck issues? Most dental staff will understand TMJD and know to give plenty of breaks with that.

Have you ever tried self-hypnosis? I find it invaluable at the dentists.


Libs, tell me more about this self-hypnosis at the dentist please as i have a phobia, thanks xx


Yes, me too please!!


and me hun.xx


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