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I finally started to come good - could move around better and felt lighter - started to clean pantry and stove - my cleaning lady - she does the floors and tricky bits - exclaimed " I can tell you are feeling better the place looks good" I felt so proud of myself and so grateful to have her in my life - she really does understand what exhaustion looks like and goes the extra mile to make my life easier

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Glad you are feeling a little better and I can relate perfectly about how good it feels when tasks we once took for granted we manage to do or really appreciate others help and the relief is wonderful

Unlike at lot of us fibromites out there due to a good combination of meds I do get sleep at night.. But I have to pace myself throughout the day, what would have taken me 20mins in one go once, i break real down into little jobs thoughout the day, my house never looked really tidy and gleaming , so we decided to rejig money and get a cleaner for 2 hours a week well she came yesterday in 2 hours she blitzed her way through our bungalow and I am sitting here in a spotless house for the first time in ages..... The everyday jobs like washing up and washing clothes my oh helps me with and I feel so relaxed

Best valentines day present I could think of at the moment..



dear VG

I waited for a year to get my Angel and she just vacums/ mops/polishes and picks up in 2 hours it is a blessing

like you I really want to do jobs but have to be prepared to leave things part the way through and just rest -take care


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