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Woke up this morning to realise I'd had 9 1/2 hours sleep! OK I had the usual regular wakings up but this is unheard of unless I've got something awful like flu. Sorry for crowing to those of you that have been at the other end of the sleep spectrum again but just had to document the event as I'll doubtless be back to usual tonight and will think I imagined it. I think it must be down to changes at home. My daughter and her boyfriend moved in last year so they could save for a deposit. He's a lovely chap but absolutely clueless and dreadful with money (hence the need to stop renting and move in with me). It was like living with a 32 yr old teenager sometimes. I hate confrontation but occasionally was moved to lose my rag because of things he'd done/failed to do. Been stressing as it became increasingly obvious to me that my daughter was getting depressed with his not making an effort. She's several years his junior but was having to act like his mum and take responsibility for everything. Anyhooo, she made the painful decision to end the relationship at the weekend and he's moved out. Even though I'm now consoling and supporting a heart-broken girl I feel as if a big cloud has been blown away. I'm sure something will come along soon to reinstate the cloud as, if worrying and stressing was an olympic sport, I'd at least win a bronze but I'm enjoying seeing white in my eyes this morning instead of the usual fetching red. Be well peeps xxxxxx

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Nice one ... I don't normally mention sleep either cos since I got my meds sorted just over a year ago I get 7 hours sleep nearly every night... So lets keep it between ourselves . ;)

VG x


I am lucky to get 7 hours sleep in a week - goes off to sulk


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