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Stressed :'(

Hi all,

Been really stressed lately, at risk of being chucked out my house as my dad and I are just arguing most of the time. Really stressed at college, don't feel I am getting the support that am asking for. Told a tutor I didn't understand my work and when I saw her the next lesson all I got was attitude off her, she told the group if we didn't hand out work in she would put a 'cause for concern' letter in. I was foaming when she said that. I had to make an excuse to leave the room as I was close to tears in the lesson.

I am trying to find somewhere else to live so I can receive my hearing dog, which a stranger then told me yesterday that I don't need a pet I kept telling him it may be a pet to you but it's a working dog to me. But because I was in a quiet room he reckoned I was fine.

Anyway better go as I am going to be late for college :( still got to try and get ready :/

Susan xx

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Hi Susan

I'm sorry you're having such a tough time.

Does your college have a Disability office you could go to for advice and support?

Best wishes



Hi Linz,

Sorry for the late reply. I haven't had a good day, I got attitude off a support worker today raising her voice at me. I took 2 different pain killers in class this morning and this afternoon, they didn't really work. I had to email my tutor to say I was going to be in late as I was difficult getting dressed.

Unfortunately not, we have staff that sort out support but there not interesting in chatting, I went to see them the other day to ask for extra support in the class as I don't think 1 support worker is enough to support 5 students, I told him that it is starting to affect my health and he was like how is it effective ting your health I told him if I get stressed that can then cause a me to become unwell and cause a flare up which could make me house bound.

I don't think they took me seriously. Now I have been told I have to get a full report from a hospital so I can prove I'm hearing impaired, even though I have NHS hearing aids I even tried offering them my acceptance letter saying I have been successful in my application for a hearing dog and there won't accept it.

I could hardly move around college today my friend is in manual wheelchair and she was getting around faster then me, going up 4 steps was really painful. My migraine have started to get worse. I'm currently in bed waiting for my pain killers to kick in. As I'm in pain, depending on how I am is if I'm in tomorrow. I might see if I can get an appointment at the doctors, cause I can't be bothered with a flare up with everything else, as I'll never get better.

Night xx


I cant think of anything to say of any practical use, just wanted to say, sounds as if you are not being treated with any fairness, or even basic kindness. I hope you feel better soon. xx


Hi Tulips,

Yeah I was speaking to a old support worker and she agrees.

My friend and I are going to the local paper but remain anonymous as we are still studying at the college. As we have tried to speak to people but no one gets back in contact with you, and I know that they will fob the local newspaper as that is what they have done with my friends and I.

Susan xx


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