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feeling like i should be wrapped up in bed

hi everyone. i didn't get up until 11am as i feel like i have been run over by a truck. i have pain on top of my pain, but have got to keep going or my dogs will not see the garden today.

i had a young girl move in last september, and she was meant to be my carer, but all she has done is treated my house like a motel, she got up this morning i told her i didn't feel well, so she informed me that she is going to her boyfriends to stay for a while.

i will be so glad when the council move me into a bungalow, as i'm in a town house at the moment, and its too much for me.

sorry just wanted to rant, i do come on here from time to time but not been on here much.

hope every one else is feeling better then me.

soft hugs xx

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I hope youre not paying this young girl or giving her free rent etc. Why do people feel the need to take advantage of those who can't help themselves?


Is she registered as your carer if so there must be some one you can contact ... If you are paying her yourself or letting her live rent free I think you should get a friend / advocate and settle down to talk to her about her role and if that doesn't go down well maybe you should look for another carer

Hope it all works out

VG x


luckily i said that we would see how things went before i gave her my cares allowance. i'm just letting her stay here until i can go. then she will be without a place to stay. my family have offered to help her out, but i have asked them not to say anything otherwise she might stress at me and make me feel worse .

its nice to know that though i dont come on here much your all still there to support. thank you.


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