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Clash of personalities :-O

Clash of personalities :-O

I watched girls in company.

One does not even know the other but just by few little things does one choose to judge.

Is this because they have physcic vibrations & think they know each other inside out ??

Its always baffled me how some one can judge you by

1. On just the way you look or present yourself

2. By barely having a conversation and deciding they already know you

3. Blankety blank

I was on a mission there lol ohps

It was funny but at same time since this is under my nose and one girl likes the other and the other oblivious the other does not even like her or can stand to look at her.

I see it everytime they together in same room and the worse thing is one acts false because they have to be.

This particular situation for me is difficult at times as much as i bites my top lip and can feel myself cringing at the thought of what will happen.

One is over powering though and i think its because the other has a high personality too, so the loudest one always comes 1st and the other has to kinda sit in background.

Outside the situation though, i full well what would happen the other would blow

The times i have had to warn one to keep a lid on it.

Why is this.

I do not make my decisions until i know that person very well before any sort of thoughts are made up.

But i love everyone !! Its others choice to be rude on me

Even if the checkout lady/man is miserable and ignorant and needs a little help (she/he may have something bad wrong)

But pretty much i feel we can be good judge of characters at times.


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You're so right, Fairy - human nature is baffling!

It's funny how you can meet someone who is perfectly charming, yet deep down you feel uncomfortable with them - you just don't like them. We should always give people a chance, even a second chance, but it's amazing how often that first 'gut instinct' can be correct.

Unfortunately the three types of people who we need most are human, too - and they can give us so much grief. Those three are:

1. Check out operators (as you said!)

2. Doctors and nurses,

3. Bar persons

I'm sure we could all add more, and I promise I rarely frequent bars. It's just that when I do, I always seem to meet a surly bar keeper who just doesn't think women should buy drinks, and looks behind me to see if a responsible man is in charge!

Love Moffy x


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