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advise please

hello all not been on here a long time but just need some info i have fm and slight arthritus had a letter from my dr to my work stating that in winter i need the heater on for my fm as the cold aggrivates it that was in 2011 so they still have letter anyways i was off work for a weeks holiday and went back in on the monday app they have condemned all the heaters except the one by the tills (which is where i work and byt the automatic dorrs!!) anyway that broke and they wont pay the 400.00 to fix it. so was so unwell after an hour i went home telling one of the managers couldnt cope with it (only work 12 hours a week) had the other 2 days off as couldnt get out of bed due to pain.

anyways when i get back to work have to do a back to work sheet i told them it was down to the no heating in the place and my fm of which they have a letter from the gp.was then told because i dont claim for dla and have no money from the dla im not classed as disabled, ok but to me fm is a disabliity and cos i choose not to claim for dla everytime im off i get a black mark on my records but if i claim for dla and get money then its alright to have time off with the illness (which ive only ever done whe n no heating has been on!!)

i did claim for dla and was turned down which i expected i also have obstructive sleep apnea and cos ive got alot going on i couldnt be going thru the appeal and i want to work the 12 hours a week as i enjoy the banter with the customers.

so what i need to know is my HR dept correct stating if no money for dla im not disabled even tho they have letter from dr stating whats wrong with me? i ask this as another lad is off sick with depression and they dont class that as an illness either!!

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I'm not certain about this, but I'm pretty sure that Health and Safety at Work legislation covers the minimum temperature at which employees are expected to work.

The experts on this would be your local Citizens Advice Bureau. Perhaps you could give them a ring and ask for their advice?

Here's a link where you can find your local branch.

This is a difficult problem for you, I hope you can find a solution, as employers are always less than sympathetic when they have to pay out money!

Regards Moffy x


do you have a union were you work they can help with problems like this


Try contacting ACAS as they may be able to help

Hope it's ok to add the link

Good luck xxx


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