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What a week(so far)!

Well here's a brief run down of the goings on in my life in just one week. It'd be too much for me even if I was fibro free!

1-Monday: Car m.o.t and car tax(great start)

2-Tuesday: Doctors, to be told fibro's the resistant type and upping of meds,Vit D defficient again and worst of all, I am now officially OVER WEIGHT(beginning to frown now)

3-Wednesday; Off to my tribunal some 30 miles away. Judge adjourns it due to a lack of court records!(a few tears flow in total disbelief.I tried not to but...)

4- Thursday:Find my mother in distress after her physio and the delivery of her wheelchair(my brow is completely furrowed now..)

5-:Friday: Well I'm off to visit a new physio today(privately) and am hoping(yes my glass remains half-full still!) that she can help me. She sounds as if she is well aquainted with fibro.

Am drained and exhausted, but maybe today will break the pattern of this miserable week!?! Sometimes I amaze myself at how optimism stays with me! Ah well, off I trundle with a hopeful heart...

Lots of warm cwtches to you all, S xxx

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Hope the physio turns out to be good so you end on a slightly better week....... But it's no good. I am going to have to ask....... What are cwtches warm or cold.... I am immediately thinking of crotches and crutches ......the thought of a warm crutch does appeal more than a warm crotch ,,,, please please tell me what they are before I embarras myself even more

Waiting with baited cwtch.... I mean breath now I have cwtches on the brain ... Oh my that sounds like some revolting insect invasion inside my head

VG :-/


Hello VG! Cwtch is the Welsh equivalent of an English cuddle!!!! It's a lovely word and has a lovely meaning! All three of my children have grown up with all types of cwtches. Let's see...there's the long, comfortable one( you know the film watching cuddle)...there's the strong reassuring one(as in averting an emotional crisis)...the short quick one(the love on the run sort)...Finally, and my personal sort of cwtch, the bedtime cwtch( when all problems are forgotten). So VG, I hope that's a bit clearer for you. Now all you need to do is go find someone and ask them if they'd like a 'cwtch', depending where you live in the world, you may get some funny responses...

Lots of cwtches(warm ones of course), S xxx


Thank you so much I am now going to cwtch my OH and hope he doesn't get any further ideas ;)

VG x


My limited knowledge of Welsh (ex hubby is half Welsh) says it means 'a safe place' so hope you soon find your 'safe place' summerlite

cwtches ;)

Em xx


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