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Gonna be a rough one!

Hi all and good morning. Last night i went to watch my sons football team play in the cold and i forgot to take my chair as Oh had taken it out of the boot of the car to enable him to do a skip run and had forgotten to put it back in (Handy that!)

So i had to stand in the cold for 3 hours and afterwords the club had lais on chip butties for the lads. Now the club house is on 2 floors with 2 long flights of stairs seperating them.There is a lift but i have never used it before as i dont like lifts and would rather struggle up the stairs but i was so sore and stiff and in so much pain and everyone else had gone charging ahead, i though seeing as i was on my own i woud use the lift just this once.

I nervously got inside and pressed the button. I got to the top floor and feeling quite pleased with myself for being brave i slowly shuffled out only to be met by a jobsworth committee member complete with flat cap. "Ths lift is only for the use of elderly or disabled, dont abuse the facility" I replied; "Actually, not that its any of your business but i have a chronic permanent disability and i needed to use the lift. " The pompous one said "Well, you dont look disabled to me"

Well that did it!!!! The red mist decended, so i looked him in the eye and said "well, what does that prove? You dont look like a pompus fart but you obvioulsy are one!"

I thought that was quite quick for me....anyway he just walked off grumbling to himself but next time i think i will try the stairs again....i dont like conflict but he just made my blood boil!!!!! Charlii xx

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No DON'T use the stairs..... You use that lift.. You answered him perfectly, have you been listening to my cd of no nonsense taking by VG, (available in all good forum posts.....) if I can get the bus on a good day I take my stick and I sit at the front of the bus in the seats with the little pictures saying reserved for the disabled and no one has ever complained ... I am disabled.... I don't want to be.... But as I am I am going to do what's best for me... So good on you !!!!!

VG x


Well done you! These people need to be taught a lesson. It's the same old story isn't it, if you can't see it then you haven't got it. I would love to know his definition of "disabled".

I agree with VG use the lift every time. If you use those stairs, he has won.

I hope you aren't suffering too much today my love.

Love n hugs Karen xxxxx


Carry on using the lift Charlii, and any other facility you need. You have every right. I often get the 'but you don't look disabled' comment, to which I reply "no, but then you don't look stupid". I think i like your comment better - well done!

Em xx


Hi Charlii

What a great comeback - I can never think of anything smart in the moment - only afterwards! If the lift is there, it's there to be used. And the man is just being ignorant.

Hope the pain and stiffness are subsiding now.



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