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Advise please ;-)

I went off sick from work a couple of weeks before Christmas due to stress and anxiety about my illness and working full time at the same time. I was finding that i didnt have time to be ill and i just keot on feeling worse and worse in myself. I went back to the docs after 2 wks to get signed off and was advised to do adapted hours so less hrs and more convienient times esp with all the meds i take!

I have now been doing part time and adapted hours for 1 month and the difference in me is unreal, dont get me wrong i still have my good and bad days but when i am having a bad day i have got far more time to relax therefore having a better day after that etc.

Everyone has noticed a change in me and i feel much happier that these reduced hrs are actually helping me cope with my illness better.

Anyway i have told work this and also explained how much i appreciate them accomodating for me ,

they have now informed me that this isnt a permanent measure and that i have to get another fit note from the GP and after 3 months i will have to go back to my normal shifts!.

I am really reluctant to do this as why would i when my health issues are going to go back downhill?! I feel very frustrated about this and im not sure where i stand with this??!

I cant manage working full time and i can't manage the long shifts that i used to do, i am much happier doing these part time hours, it suits me and my illness so much better and i dont want to have to give up work!!

Please can anyone advise me on where i stand with this? Does my employer have to accomodate me? I'm so confused at the moment and stressed out and we all know this just makes things worse, thanks guys :-))

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Hello Lisa, I am so sorry to hear about your work worries at the moment. I fully understand all you are saying, I went from long 12hr+ shifts to 20hrs a week and the difference was amazing. Then unfortunately even those shifts became too much and after a long period of sickness I had to leave altogether.

If you look at the article within the link below, it is all about Work and Fibro. The article comes from our main site at FibroAction where there is a wealth of information -

The article has info about your rights, your position and your employer's position, info about dismissals and redundancy etc., also useful contacts.

I hope you find this helpful. You could also consider popping along to your local CAB (Citizen's Advice Bureau), they will be in a position to let you know how to tackle this situation, likely outcomes etc and the best way forward. They also have lots of info about benefits etc.

Here's some info about Benefits and Fibro, again from our main site -

Wishing you all the best.

Best wishes and hugs. xx



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