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Wheelchair or not?

Hello all,

I've been suffering with fibro now for a couple of years and gone downhill so quickly.

I keep asking to go home early from work and wondering if I too have ME/CFS how do they diagnosis this. All I want to do is lay down and sleep but how do you know it's not the medication?

Also does anyone now feel the need for a wheelchair? Sometimes my legs feel like lead. I feel so awkward about it all its unbelievable how 3 yrs ago I was 'normal'

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Hi Lucy

It does sound like you need more help. Maybe you need to review your meds with your GP. There may be better types or doses for you - we're all different, and what suits one person doesn't suit another.

Only you will know if /when a wheelchair will help. I try to stay quite mobile, but a few years ago when I was at my worst, I did have one that I used when going out for the day with family. It meant that we could all enjoy the whole day, rather than me being limited as to how long / how far, and the then feeling bad that I was limiting them too. Also, in large supermarkets /DIY stores etc, I would borrow a scooter type from the store, which was great.

Hope you start to feel a bit better soon




Hi, everyone is different so it's hard to say yes or no, when I I just had fibro I think I was quite lucky as gentle exercise helped me greatly but at 43 I was struck down overnight as I slept with arthritis , went to bed as normal woke up unable to walk... I was in a wheelchair for three months then progressed to sticks but now I can't walk far so I have a mobilty scooter ... What I would say if you are in so much pain with walking, apart from seeing your GP to see if you can get meds to suit and help if you feel safer more comfortable and able to do your job better at work from a wheelchair then go for it, anything that helps is my motto, if you get home in a better state due to using a wheelchair then you could maybe do some very gentle exercise then to keep you mobile to some degree

Hugs VG x


Hi and thanks for replying.

I'm on a great deal of medication some especially for when I work, so I have a clearish head to concentrate, and stronger meds for when I'm at home. My legs feel like lead and just don't want to move.

I've found out from the Red Cross they loan out wheelchairs so that's what me and hubby are going to do from now on. I'm so embarrassed incase I see someone from work I know though, silly as it sounds, I do feel very embarrassed about my disability. Especially as the other day someone from our office mentioned to a very good pal of mine that I don't stop complaining about my pain! Really upset me :(

I have an expensive special chair at work, mouse, keyboard etc they couldn't of been kinder so they are not my problem which is good as its the NHS

Thanks for all comments, I do try to keep mobile as we have 3 small dogs but I know I don't exercise them as much as I should as I trip them up with my gutter sticks lol.

Gentle hugs have a good day already on zapain!!


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