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on a snowy morning when all you want is to return to bed I

find myself hunches over the computer considering a summer holiday WHAT yes I canot walk or climb but the novel idea of a boating holiday has gripped me with enthusiasm what if I canot move the boat will do that and I would be intensly happy bobbing about on a river a little fishing a little watching the world go by How absolutely marvelous. Right so on practical terms I need a strong man to help so have asked son in law to come with us to open locks and things. I envisage myself steering or something (It is pobably a hair brained idea but I am going to do it) I might as well hurt here as here :) RIGHT best fin forward xgins

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Oh dear GIns a small fishing boat, why does the final chapter of Lord Of The Rings immediately pop into my head where the film starts off with Smeagol (Gollum) in that tiny fishing boat with his friend .... One ends up dead and the other insane......GIns if you feel the urge to have a sailing holiday go on a cruise, much safer for you.... Immediately thinks of the TItanic no that will not do either, Gahhh why can't you just go for something easy like a week in Blackpool, immediately has visions of gins free jumping off Blackpool tower....oh my I give in just send me a postcard from wherever you end up to let me know you are safe...oh my I think I need to go back to bed..... Sending life jackets, flares, ( the rocket kind NOT fibro ones) the life guard the coast guard and a fire guard .....sorry the last one was a mistake you can send that one back.

yours standing on a bridge over the river playing a harp

VG x


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