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i have received the result of my mamogram and that is all clear.

i have my pre-op assessment on wednesday for my cataract removal and have received the date of the operation which is 6th march.

This gives me 4 weeks to resolve how i will be able to visit dad and sort out his pension, shopping and lunch.

I have 2 walking sticks but normally use only 1 to keep a hand free.

Trouble is i have to stop quite a bit when walking so i have phoned to see if there will be any option short term to help my mobility as i will not be able to drive for betweek 3 and 4 weeks. it will be the same when i have the other eye done.

I hope you are all feeling a little less pain today. Have a good week.


Belinda xxx

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Hi Belinda,

So glad you have good news re your mammogram - the eye op won't seem half so bad now!

Have you thought of contacting Social Services for some help with your dad? they could arrange home care and meals on wheels for him, or maybe an outing to a day centre.

Best of luck with your surgery - I am sure you will be pleased with the results!

Love Moffy xxx


hey Moffy, thanks for your support, Dad would not entertain social services and meals on wheels so i will have to try to get there. there is one of his neighbours who is quite good who i may ask to help me out a bit. when dad had his cataracts done last year this neighbour did the drops for me twice a day and did one lot and my brother did 1 lot.

i will let you know how i get on. I have spent this mornong re-arranging dads warfarin clinic trip, dental appointment etc to tie in with my op.

Hope you are having a pain free day


Belinda xx


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