Today is hell

Today i am in agonies, headache, so tired, pain all over, can barely move, i just want to sleep. my balance is affected today and i am very unsteady on my legs.Have to carry on though today, council are coming to start on wet floor shower, so have to clear everything out of the bathroom. I have coped for so long, now sometimes i feel that i can't cope anymore. i have been back to docs he has put me on anti inflammatory tablets, Sometimes i just feel like throwing all the tablets away and to hell with them. My doctor is very supportive but i just do not feel that anything is helping anymore. I am sat here and just feel like crying at the moment. Sometimes i just feel like giving up.

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  • So sorry to hear how you are feeling. Please go and talk to your doctor, ask for a review of your meds, and let him know how you are feeling.

    In the meantime, here is a hug to help you through the day


  • And think of the lovely wet room you will be getting and how nice and easy to use.....

    VG x

  • Hi Linda,

    Yes, just think of your lovely new shower. When I feel really awful, a long hot shower always seems to put a bit of life back in me. I dread having to haul myself into it, and the thought of drying and dressing afterwards is a bit scary, but it's worth it - nothing like hot water for pain relief and for lifting the mood!

    It might be an idea to go back to your doc and tell him your medication isn't helping - there are lots of alternatives, and you just have to find out whats suits you.

    Hope you feel a bit better soon!

    Love and hugs ((( :) ))) Moffy xxx

  • buy the biggest, fluffiest bath robe and sit in it after your shower, this works if you tuck a towel under your boobies and relax.

    Also my gp told me to use a hairdryer especially on my back legs and feet as the warm air can reach where I can't.


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