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If I had a brain I would be dangerous

My 8 year old grandaughter stays with me every Friday night. She doesn't like going up to bed until I go but as I go at 9 o'clock it's not to bad for her.

She is under strict instruction not to wake me up before 7 in the morning.

Well I woke up, glanced at the clock and thought oh she's let me have a lay in it's twenty past seven. I called over to her (she sleeps on a mattress at the end of my bed) "are you awake Ellie". She didn't reply which was probably just as well because as I went to lay back down I caught sight of the time - twenty past four !!!!

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whoops ha ha

how lovely having her to stay every week , my Grangirls now live a few doors away so no longer need to sleep over but they still ask, they are 13,8 and 5. I also have a 2 year pld Grandson who does sleep over but not often

I hope you still managed a lie in ?


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