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HI ALL ,I have wated a month for the courts to send me an audio recording of my tribunal..recieved a letter saying that it wasnt recorded...i rang the courts and was told to ask for a written record of proceedings...!!!,why the hell didnt the judge just send me the " written record!! this all to make us give up??..i got statement of reasons but wasnt happy as they had taken "parts" of a sentence,and made it sound completly different to what i actually said! hence now requesting written that will take another month or more grrrr..and another question i have is...i rang DWP and they said i could put in another claim for my "care" component to be looked at again,which i have done with the help from question is,if the DWP decide that after looking again at my claim and evidence,i am granted more care benifit..will it be back dated from the start of my claim or just from the time i asked then to re look at my situation...sorry if its a bit jumbled any help would be appreciated xxxxx

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Hello, I'm abit new on here, my dads 61 and he's been made fit for work, he's got somthing wrong with his fingers and somthing else due to machine work again . He's been to court and he's been though so much crap what I think is to make you feel like giving up. He's read all his medical reports and they have missed off all my dads ill pains and saying he

does house work when my mum does it all. Now there are saying if he wants to apeal againhe wll have to pay, Sorry I can't help but I do understand the trouble its puts you through! I'd don't know much about it but I do think they try and make you fed up xx


When my OH claimed they turned him down for top benefit ( which he had before and nothing had changed )and we wrote a letter in as an appeal and they did grant it. They also had to backdate it to the date on the original form x Hope this helps x

Reply not sure but thank you for the reply xx


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